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Bull Snake Puts Red-Tailed Hawk in a Chokehold [VIDEO]

This red-tailed hawk picked the wrong snake to mess with.

Scott Adams captured this video of a red-tailed hawk being strangled by a bull snake on the side of a dirt road.

If the hawk thought the bull snake was easy prey, it was sorely mistaken. The bull snake put the jabroni of a hawk into a rear naked chokehold and turned up the pressure.

For better or worse, Adams and his buddy decided to intervene. Take a look.

More showdowns in the animal kingdom:

Bull snakes are nonvenomous. They look very similar to rattlesnakes, but they are actually a subspecies of Gopher snakes, which happen to be a favorite snack for hawks.

Do you think they should have intervened or left the hawk and snake to fight it out? 

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Bull Snake Puts Red-Tailed Hawk in a Chokehold [VIDEO]