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Bull Moose Trio Take Part in Some Late-Rut Jousting

bull moose

Three’s company, not a crowd, when it comes to late-season jousting between bull moose in Utah.

By late November, the rut is all but finished for bull moose across North America. But, until those massive antlers shed, there’s no hard and fast rule that states some spirited sparring can’t still take place.

John Hemenway shot this impressive footage in Northern Utah during the last week of November. As you’ll see, this trio of bull moose converge around a favourite tree, keen to get in a bit of jousting before their headgear is gone for another season.

Be sure to listen, because these big paddles definitely make some noise.

Moose are such fascinating creatures. Big-bodied and powerful as heck, yet slow and methodical all at the same time.

In terms of ‘fights,’ this was more of a school-yard scuffle than a full out war. Which reminds us of a favorite video from this fall, which exemplifies what a true moose brawl is all about. You can check out that amazing footage here.

We never tire of watching the fascinating moose footage Hemenway captures. Be sure to check out his YouTube channel for more great clips.


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Bull Moose Trio Take Part in Some Late-Rut Jousting