two bull moose fight one another

Two Bull Moose Duke it Out While an Elk Watches in The Distance

Nature enthusiasts love watching videos of their favorite antlered animals, but it's a different experience to witness it in person. Wildlife photographer Derek Yoder captured a video of two young bull moose going head to head during a visit to Grand Teton National Park. He posted the spectacular video to his Instagram account @dereksyoder.

Moose and elk are both in the rut from September to October, where they display dominance over one another and fend off challengers in order to maintain as many cows as possible in their mating groups.

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The video catches the two moose going antler to antler in a small clearing in the park, and neither wants to give up any ground to the other. As they clash, we catch a glimpse of a bull elk standing in the background. He watches the two fighting, not quite sure whether to back away and leave them to it or stay and watch. He even takes a couple of steps forward to get a closer look. The elk is almost as invested in the two moose as the photographer is.

One viewer commented, "If that Nozy Elk were a human, he would of posted this fight himself all over IG and TikTok. He didn't know what to do with himself, looked like he was conflicted about running away, so nobody open up a can of whoop ass on him. Or stay and enjoy the show."

Yoder agreed with the commenter replying, "I agree though that elk was definitely interested and a little scared."

Many viewers thought it was an incredible catch. One wrote, "This was the chance of a lifetime to get this video. What majestic animals in the wild doing what they do naturally & with an elk audience too!!! WOW. CONGRATULATIONS & well done!!!" We have to agree. This truly is amazing footage.

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