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Young Bull Elk Plays With Dog in Adorable Video

Young, eager bull elk are traversing across our country during the rut looking for a cow (or getting up close with wildlife photographers), but that doesn't stop them from taking a pit stop to see the local wildlife. Joe Fleck of North Bend, Washington was enjoying a leisurely Thanksgiving afternoon when he looked outside to see a bull elk playing with his German Shepard, Clara. Fleck said the elk and his dog played together for a good 10 minutes.

"We've never seen it before," he said. "We've heard her barking before but this is the first time we looked to see what she was barking at."

Fleck's wife ran to grab the camera to document the incredible encounter.

"They kept running back and forth with each other. It struck me that it was like two dogs playing with each other," said Fleck.


Have you ever caught video of wildlife in your backyard? Share your stories and thoughts in the comments below.

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Young Bull Elk Plays With Dog in Adorable Video