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Bull Elk Has His Own Personal Drive-Through Window

bull elk funny

There are places you would expect to encounter a bull elk.

Your kitchen window wouldn’t be one of those.

You just have to see the video (below):

Although the video doesn’t specify where the video was shot, based on the accent, we’re guessing a bit toward the north. Then, there’s the rather monotone, “Yikes. He’s at the house right now.”

How unconcerned was the homeowner? He fed it an apple and then said, “Okay, beat it. You’re going to break my windows.”

Now, feeding the bull elk probably wasn’t the best way to handle the situation. The animal could lose its fear of humans. However, based on how calm that elk was, it was probably already used to hitting “drive throughs” for a snack.

The homeowner is lucky he didn’t have a drunk elk on his hands. A bottle of liquor was within easy reach for the animal!

Then again, maybe that wasn’t its brand.


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Bull Elk Has His Own Personal Drive-Through Window