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Bull Elk Charges the Hunter Who Just Shot Him

After being hit by a perfectly placed arrow, this bull elk charges the hunter and his cameraman.

These hunters are on a spike hunt in the dense timber of Oregon when a legal bull comes into range. The shooter makes a great shot, then the bull elk charges directly at the pair of hunters.

Watch the video to see just how close these guys came to being run down by a bull elk.

Holy crap! That was close!

While well placed arrows like the one shown in the video are deadly, it often takes a few seconds or minutes for the fatally hit animal to succumb to their wounds.

Hunters should keep this in mind and wait at least 20 minutes before following a blood trail. You should also have an arrow nocked and ready to go as you approach a downed animal.

That way, you'll be ready if a bull elk charges you!


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Bull Elk Charges the Hunter Who Just Shot Him