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Beat Boredom with This DIY Duck Boat Blind Project

Get ready for next waterfowling season by building your own duck boat blind with PVC piping and natural vegetation.

Learn how to build your own duck boat blind in this nifty video. Michael Blash puts together a great DIY boat blind that is going to save you hundreds of dollars, and you don't have to be a welder or structural engineer to do it.

Now there is a good garage and driveway project to get done this summer in anticipation of this falls hunting season.

Some great ideas, and using PVC piping and natural materials significantly cuts down on costs. What I find really ingenious is the flip open top cover and even though I have my own boat blind, I have been wrestling with how to provide some good overhead camo from those wary mallards.

Using the concept from this project I will just add a PVC frame, cam it up and zip tie to my blind so I can easily fold it over when that "take-em" moment arrives.


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Beat Boredom with This DIY Duck Boat Blind Project