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Building a DIY Duck Hunting Boat Blind

DIY duck hunting boat blind

Building a DIY duck hunting boat blind may be the easiest thing you can do to get more ducks.

If you have a small boat that you use to hunt ducks you need to build a DIY duck hunting boat blind. Not only can it be very easy to do, you can do it cheaply, and it will help you get more ducks next time you are on the water. Just like any DIY project, there are many different ways that you can go about building your own duck hunting boat blind, I am just going to tell you about one of them.

This method will give you one of the cheapest DIY duck hunting boat blinds you can find with results that are just as good as any other method. Please keep in mind that every boat is different and you will have to adjust for your needs and your boat.


  • Self-assemble tent poles (you can find some from Coleman here)
  • Nylon washers (for attachment, you can substitute anything here that you think will work)
  • Intersection attachments (such as the hubs from Nemo)
  • Velcro
  • Camouflage burlap (or any choice of camo cloth)


The hardest part of this DIY duck hunting boat blind is getting all of your tent poles to the right length. You will have to use the length of your boat, along with some math, to figure out how long to make your pole segments.

You will need to make the two longest segments long enough to span the entire length of your boat and create an arc, they will be longer than your boat and you can use the following formula to figure out how long to make them: The length of your boat x 1.25. This should give you around a four-foot center of your boat. If you want it higher or lower you can adjust as you see fit.

DIY duck hunting boat blind

Everything else will also depend on the size of your boat, but basically you need to make a few more segments to help stabilize the two main poles. You should run at least three or four perpendicularly between the two long poles as well as a few from each pole directly down to the boat. The number is up to you, just keep adding until it feels stable. You will use the intersection hubs for quick attachment of these to each other. By using these hubs you can take the blind apart when not in use.

As for the nylon washers, these will be how you attach the poles to the boat. You may need to stack them three or four deep and then glue them to the points on your boat where the poles will attach. They are small enough that they will not get in the way or be noticed, but when the time comes you know they are there and easy to use.

DIY duck hunting boat blind top view

After you have the whole frame completed it is time to add some Velcro. If you are using burlap cloth you can get by with just adding the sticky side of the Velcro. Just tape or glue it to the top edge of the poles. Don't let the Velcro get in the way of the folding feature of the poles so that you can still fold them up for storage.

When you are ready to duck hunt, just lay your cloth over the top of the frame. Make sure it goes all the way down to cover the sides of the boat, and if you use strips you can flip them open and closed for shooting.

This DIY duck hunting boat blind should even be sturdy enough for you to add some dead branches or other forms of camouflage for break-up.

Easy as ever! Happy hunting!

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Building a DIY Duck Hunting Boat Blind