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What You Need to Build Your Own Deer Feeder for Less Than $20

build your own deer feeder

This is a cheap, effective deer feeder tutorial to help you get on the right track for deer hunting this fall.

I’m not cheap per se, but I hate spending money that doesn’t need to be spent. I needed a deer feeder. The ones I saw available were expensive.

Thus I made my own. Check out the video.

There’s really nothing difficult about making this. I suppose finding a good source for the plastic drum could be tough but if you living in a farming community, you can find them. Vet supply shops sometimes have them as well. You may even check a local landscaping company as sometimes they have these drums for herbicides and other things.

The PVC parts are easily had at any hardware of home improvement center. I’m sure you can also modify the plans slightly and make an even better feeder. But, trust me, this one works great and holds enough corn that you don’t have to fill it every week depending on the number of deer in the area.

You can paint the feeder if you want it to blend in. If you do, make sure you use a spray paint designed to adhere to plastic. And, of course, let it air out a good bit before placing in the woods.



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What You Need to Build Your Own Deer Feeder for Less Than $20