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How to Build an Ultra Efficient Dakota Fire Pit

Within a few short minutes you can easily build a more efficient fire in a Dakota fire pit.

A big part of bushcraft is knowing a lot of different ways to do the same job. For instance, knowing more than one way to gather water in an area or knowing more than one type of plant to eat can be vital.

Other examples include knowing more than one way to make cordage or a shelter. When you have knowledge of a variety of different methods, you can always make the right choice for your situation.

Fires are another aspect of bushcraft where it pays to know more than just one way to do it. At first you might just think there is only one way to build a fire. Then you'll realize there are campfires, Swedish fire logs, self-feeding fires, and smoke fires, just to name a few. One type of fire you may not be familiar with is the Dakota fire pit.

Watch this brief video on how to construct a Dakota fire pit.

As you can see the construction of a Dakota fire pit takes only a matter of minutes.

You might be wondering why would building a fire pit like this be worth the effort.

This type of fire would best be utilized in a situation where wood was scarce, the wind was blowing terribly, or you need a very good cooking fire. As mentioned, you can also completely smother it with the dirt you removed to create the hole so it is good in a situation when you're worried about flare ups.

One word of caution before you build a Dakota fire pit: be aware of root fires. When building fires near root systems there is a possibility the roots can catch fire and burn underground. They can either continue to smolder or even come to the surface and create a fire above ground. As you dig your fire pit make sure you limit your chances of creating a root fire by never digging through tree roots. Lining your hole with rocks will also help eliminate a root fire potential. As always take proper precautions when building any kind of fire.

Be sure to give the Dakota fire pit a try sometime. Whether in the backyard to roast marshmallows or in the woods to conserve fuel it just might come in handy.

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How to Build an Ultra Efficient Dakota Fire Pit