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Build This Single Pole Tarp Shelter in Less Than 5 Minutes

If you are looking for a new bushcraft challenge, try an overnight in this single pole tarp shelter.

Tarp shelters have almost endless possibilities. Just give a quick google search and you're likely to find hundreds of designs displaying different setups for a simple tarp or two. Some of these designs will afford you a good place to stay, while others appear to be just an interesting idea.

Recently I came across this 1 pole tarp shelter that has the potential to be very useful. Not only does it require a minimum amount of gear, but appears very functional in all kinds of weather.

If you are looking for a simple change-up in your shelter system, or just like to experiment with new designs, check out this 1 pole tarp shelter.

As I mentioned, my first impression of this tarp is that it would perform admirably in all kinds of weather.

In the video for example, the a fairly stiff breeze appears to be blowing. The triangle design of the shelter appears to be almost unaffected by this wind though. With a wide base and limited area off the ground it is easy to see why. The same concept was prevalent in the teepees of tribes such as the Sioux and Cheyenne.

Teepees were able to withstand the high winds of the prairie because they didn't offer a side for the wind to catch. They also had the wide circular base that obviously narrowed. The single pole shelter design does actually present three flat sides to the wind, so that would be a concern. It looks as if you staked it out taught it might be ok.

For a person like me who lives in the prairie this single pole tarp shelter is extra appealing. Timber is obviously sparse in the prairie so only having to find one pole, or actually being able to use a trekking pole or walking stick to build a shelter is a great advantage.

Give this simple tarp shelter design and see what you think.

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Build This Single Pole Tarp Shelter in Less Than 5 Minutes