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How to Build Your Own Steel Gong for Long Distance Shooting

This short DIY project will show how to build your own steel gong to enhance your long distance shooting ranges.

Have a look as the folks at Gunwerks show how to build a simple steel gong for long range shooting.

There is nothing quite so satisfying as hearing that loud "gong" as you strike a target at distance when shooting your rifle, and it is also a very practical training tool to know you are putting rounds on target.

There you have it, using a old farm disc blade and some scrap iron you can make yourself a perfectly suitable steel gong that is going to enhance your shooting and make you a better marksman. The bonus is that if you play your cards right you should be able to source most of these materials for next to nothing.

While long range shooting is fulfilling to do on its own, it is also important for any hunter who wants to make shots at distance, so making targets such as steel gongs is not only fun it will help you harvest animals in an efficient and ethical way.


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How to Build Your Own Steel Gong for Long Distance Shooting