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How to Build an All Natural Stove

all natural stove

This all natural stove can make you the hero of the camp if you run out of cooking gas.

Today you can learn how to build an all natural stove. Now, while this may be advertised as a "survival" or "emergency" stove, I would say that it's really more of a for looks and convience thing unless you really plan ahead.

This is based on the fact that you'll need a power drill to make the stove. Have a look at a full description of how to build an all natural stove below.

While the likelihood of being able to craft one of these in an emergency is actually pretty low, this is a project you can do ahead and do ahead of time and then can be quite useful, whether in an emergency, or just while out camping, hunting, or fishing.

Give it a try, this is a great project that only takes a few minutes to get up an running and that can pay off big time if you are looking for a quick and easy disposable stove.

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How to Build an All Natural Stove