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How to Build Your Own Floating Hot Tub This July 4th [VIDEO]

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If you like fishing and relaxing in a hot tub over Independence Day, why not combine the two into one awesome experience?

Can you imagine a better way to celebrate this 4th of July? Proclaim your independence from the land and strike out in your very own motorized floating hot tub!

These genius brothers came up with a beautiful hot tub design that’s not all that hard to re-create. There’s still time for you to make an amazing summer memory your guests won’t soon forget. Unless of course the hot tub is too well-stocked with adult beverages. In that case, the details might get a little hazy. Check it out!

Are you sold yet? This amazing amphibious hot tub would be a great addition to your DIY party barge. Simply dock the hot tub to get your water nice and bubbly. Then motor it on out to your anchored party barge, which of course would be equipped with refreshments, music, fishing gear, comfortable chairs, etc.

If you grab a couple friends and all pitch in, you could have this floating paradise ready by the weekend. But this doesn’t need to only be an Independence Day event. Heck, you could do this for the rest of the summer!

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How to Build Your Own Floating Hot Tub This July 4th [VIDEO]