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Build Your Own DIY Solar Generator

If you have a buddy, 24 hours, and access to some basic tools and equipment, you could be the owner of your very own solar generator.

The team at Sunzilla has documented the steps and materials necessary to create a solar-powered generator made from consumer-level components. Their hope is to bring low-cost energy to people living in poverty and disaster-ravaged areas.

I know what you're probably thinking: This contraption is about as powerful as the solar powered calculators from back in school. Not so. Currently the generator can output a peak of 140W and only takes five hours to charge on a sunny day (12 hours if cloudy).

What can you do with that juice? The battery is capable of storing 600 watt-hours which can run an electric stove for 30 minutes or fully charge 100 smartphones.

While it can't run a household, it can provide the power to run critical communication devices and life-sustaining food preparation equipment, not to mention get you some serious MacGyver cred too.

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Build Your Own DIY Solar Generator