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Build a DIY Duck Blind [VIDEO]

Why spend almost $1,000 on a duck blind for your boat when you can use everyday hardware and household items and spend less than $150?

In this video, Michael Blash demonstrates how to build one dandy of a DIY duck blind for your boat.

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What You’ll Need:
PVC Pipe
• 10’3/4″ – 20
• 3/4″ PVC tee – 50
• 3/4″ PVC 90 deg elbow – 34
• 3/4″ PVC 45 deg elbow – 10
PVC primer and solvent
1000-pack 8″ black zip ties
3 cans grey primer paint
2 rolls green or black plastic fence
Hedge trimmers
Wire cutters
Camouflage Blanket
Long grasses or brush
Corn stalks (optional)
Greenery (optional)

The instructions are pretty easy in the video, right? Get building!

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Build a DIY Duck Blind [VIDEO]