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Build a Custom Knife with Benchmade’s New Tool

Benchmade has added more models to their custom knife building tool.

Ever come across a great knife, but wish it was available in blaze orange, or a camo pattern? Or you see a cool custom pattern on a buddy’s knife and think ‘I want one of those!’

You’re in luck, thanks to the Benchmade Custom Knife Builder.

After their famous Griptilian and Mini Griptilian knives got the custom treatment, Benchmade decided to add the Barrage and Barrage Mini to the equation, doubling the already endless list of possible combinations knife owners can come up with.

“The new Custom Knife Builder is an industry leading tool.” said Dave Stainsby, Senior Digital Sales & Marketing Manager, in the official release. “No other knife manufacturer offers the level of customization and laser mark personalization that Benchmade now does with this new tool.”

You’ll get an on-screen preview of your chosen custom configurations, and can sift through several combinations until you decide what you’ll actually spend your money on.

Benchmade will even send you email notifications on the status of your knife’s creation and videos explaining the various steps of the custom building process.

All told, there are over 1 million different combinations that can be dreamed of, and that’s not including the laser marking options.

Now you can finally get that pink camo knife your daughter has been asking for, and grab yourself a blacked out one while you’re at it.

Have fun letting your creative juices flow, and make a knife you’ll be happy with for life with Benchmade’s help.

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Build a Custom Knife with Benchmade’s New Tool