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Build a Cooking Tripod from Saplings [VIDEO]

cooking tripod

You need a way to cook food when you're out on overnight or extended backpacking, camping, or bushcrafting trips.

Eliminate the need for cooking stoves and other big cooking gear by building your own cooking tripod from natural materials. You'll be able to cook over a fire anywhere you set up camp.

Check out my demonstration on how to take a few saplings and some cordage and weave them together into a usable tripod.

Making the most of your surroundings is a lot simpler than it looks, and it is very rewarding. This cooking tripod is a very easy way to start learning the basics of how to camp in a more primitive setting.

This is my favorite way to boil water and cook small meals over fires while out on overnight trips. The setup allows you to have almost complete control over the cooking temperature, while keeping you a safe distance from your fire.

This simple structure can also lead to more advanced projects. It serves as the base for meat smoking racks, a makeshift chair, and other useful camp items.

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Build a Cooking Tripod from Saplings [VIDEO]