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Dreaming of Your Own Cabin? Build This Beauty for $500 [VIDEO]

This Canadian bushman built a cozy cabin for only $500, with no permit required. 

This crafter built this masterpiece with only his manpower and a simple design that only costs $500, given the right resources.

Learn how this carpenter accomplished this feat.

The cabin didn’t need a permit because it was built on privately-owned ground and measured less than 10′ x 10′. The builder states that he built the cabin on his church’s property and later donated it for the use of the church.

The video shows the cabin’s state after being empty for a year. It appears to still be structurally sound very livable for deer camp. Even though it wasn’t built using the proper footings, it’s believed that this cabin could stand soundly for a quarter of a century.

Sustainable living and tiny houses are becoming more popular across American culture, and this cabin would be a great design to incorporate into your own lifestyle.

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Dreaming of Your Own Cabin? Build This Beauty for $500 [VIDEO]