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How To Build an Awesome Stone Age Wilderness Shelter

Learn to make this cool Stone Age-era shelter in case you find yourself in a survival situation.

Our ancestors knew that a good shelter from elements was a key to surviving the wild world they lived in. Every era humans evolved those structures from living in caves, to stone age huts, to our modern homes today.

Just like it was in the past, shelter today is still a requirement if one is to survive. In a survival situation, especially during the colder months, a shelter should be one of your first priorities to give yourself some protection and comfort as you plan your next move.

Check out YouTuber Survival Lilly as she demonstrates the process for building one.

If you find yourself in a longer term situation a simple lean-to may not cut it any longer and the need for something more stable and warm will need to be built. This Stone Age-era hut would fit that bill perfectly. It is relatively easy to construct and doesn’t require many resources.

This type of shelter would work well in a lot of different environments and in all seasons. For the wintertime, you could even leave a small portion of the center of the roof uncovered to allow you to build a small fire inside to keep yourself warm and provide light during the night time.

I am definitely going to have to head out sometime this winter and build one of these to stay in myself for a night or two. Maybe even really recreate a stone age scene by practicing some flintknapping and other crafts while inside.

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How To Build an Awesome Stone Age Wilderness Shelter