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8 Bug Out Bag Items for Deer Hunters… and Zombie Killers

Brad Duffie

Need a bug out bag? What about one with items that can be multi-purposed for hunting?

The end is coming. We all know it. Brad Pitt made a movie about it, so it has to be true, right?

The doomsday phenomenon has gone mainstream. Zombie films and marketing references are everywhere. The crap has hit the proverbial fan in so many of our minds that being prepared for basically anything is no longer taboo. Believe it or not deer hunters can make use of this trend and be further prepared.

Let’s look at items that are more suited for deer hunting and less associated with the zombie apocalypse, but could probably be used interchangeably.

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1. Bag

We first need a bag. I suggest something sturdy and tactical, with 500-600 denier and not huge. It should be tried on and make sure straps adjust to your size. Spray it down with a waterproofing agent and you are good to go.

2. Survivalist Items



Items that can always be used by a hunter or survivalist include; paracord, a good knife, source of flame, water purification straw, a good flashlight, and first aid supplies.

3. Drop Cloth

A plastic drop cloth is extremely handy. I usually go for a lightweight 12 x 12 size. It can be used for a makeshift rain coat, an emergency tent, protecting items, and it can help you retain body heat in a pinch.

4. Change of Clothes

A spare change of hunting clothes is something you will use. You want nothing too bulky, but an option if you are soaking wet or messy from field dressing your kill.

5. Machete

Dude I Want That

We mentioned a good knife, but a cutting tool with a little more muscle comes in handy. No matter if you are chopping down shooting lanes or hacking off deer legs; a machete gives more cutting power. I have used a Columbian-made cane model machete for years and haven’t broken it yet. It is heavier and wider than most machetes, but it holds a razor edge. Zombies would be a bit intimidated by it as well.

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6. Tape

A roll of flagging tape is a must. It can be used as means of finding your way, a wind checker, and you can bind things together with it.

7. Compass

Keep in mind that if you’re lost or trying to find your way, cell phones and GPS devices have a limited battery life. Pack a compass and know how to use it.

8. Comfort Items


Some comfort items that I keep in my bag include toilet paper, duct tape, and of course, oatmeal crème pies. Whatever apocalyptic event, whatever natural disaster, an oatmeal crème pie will lighten the mood of anyone. Or if you’re just hungry in the deer woods, it’s a nice little treat. I’d fight a zombie over one in a heartbeat.

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This kit can be in the toolbox of your truck, stowed away at deer camp, or in a closet at your home. It will come in handy even if the undead aren’t beating the bushes in your backyard.

No matter if it is a quick camping get away or an unexpected hunting trip, this collection will be useful in many situations.

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8 Bug Out Bag Items for Deer Hunters… and Zombie Killers