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Buffetts Will Add Helicopter Surveillance to African Poaching Defense

The billionaire Buffett family looks to helicopter surveillance to help fight poaching in Africa.

Tanzania’s Selous Game Reserve will see the new poaching defense take to the skies, thanks to the son of Warren Buffett, America’s billionaire investor and philanthropist, according to Environment News Science.

After visiting the game reserve, Howard G. Buffett, Warren’s elder son, vowed to provide the help of a helicopter through the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, the private US-based foundation he runs. Vehicles, GPS equipment, and the costs of training helicopter pilots and game rangers will all fall under the foundation’s objectives.

Selous Game Reserve is one of the largest in the world, with elephants, hippos, Cape buffalo and crocodiles calling it home.

Plans call for the first helicopter to arrive in six months, but a chopper may be leased and begin surveilling by mid-May.

The Tanzanian government will also fill 450 new jobs with local workers, and give 25 AK47 rifles to Pasiansi Wildlife Training College, where future game rangers are schooled on the finer points of battling against poaching.

Similar anti-poaching tactics are being executed in South Africa’s Kruger National Park with the Buffett Foundation’s help.


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Buffetts Will Add Helicopter Surveillance to African Poaching Defense