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Buffalo Pops a Car Tire and Escapes Lions [VIDEO]

buffalo uses a car to escape lions

In Kruger National Park in South Africa onlookers got quite a show and some great video footage as a buffalo uses a car tire to scare away the attacking lions.

The Kruger National Park is known around the world to be an amazing place to see some of Africa’s animals up close.

One group of people really got up close and a little more than they bargained for when a buffalo pops a car tire and ultimately escapes the attacking lions. Check out the footage for yourself.

Warning: This footage contains a wild animal attack and some foul language

It is simply amazing how strong the will to live is. There are not many creatures that could find a way to survive an attack by two hungry male lions but this buffalo is one of those. Just when he looked like he was tiring out and couldn’t fight any longer he was able to puncture the tire of a car and the sound of the popping was just enough to scare the lions off of him.

Thanks to this bit of ingenuity, that’s one buffalo that will live to fight another day and keep providing more memories to the visitors of the Kruger National Park.

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Buffalo Pops a Car Tire and Escapes Lions [VIDEO]