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Buffalo Battle Around Tents and Campers

buffalo battle

Whoa! Things get pretty hairy for campers when two buffalo battle one another around picnic tables and tents. That’s a couple tons of raging bison.

Imagine that you’re napping in your tent, when you feel the ground begin to shake and you hear snorting and growling outside. You look out to see a mad buffalo battle going on right outside your tent flap.

That’s what everyone was thinking as they watched this intense fight between two bison in the middle of a campground filled with tents and RVs.


A small herd of American buffalo had wandered through a campground and a pair of the beasts decided to fight for dominance right in the center of the campground.

That’s a couple tons of muscle and bone violently pushing and shoving, kicking up dust and running over whatever was in their path.

I believe this violent but enthralling scene took place in Yellowstone National Park. Campers stopped their cars and others watched mesmerized as the two behemoths pushed and shoved their way through the picnic area.

Thankfully nobody was hurt and it appears that no clueless campers got up close to take pictures as they seem to so often do. Yellowstone has had enough problems of late with foolish tourists getting too close to the animals.

It did provide quite a show, and we’re lucky that someone pulled out a camera and filmed the episode… from a safe distance.

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Buffalo Battle Around Tents and Campers