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Bucks Found Entangled in Wisconsin River

Two bucks found entangled turned out to be the catch of a lifetime.

Likely motivated by the oncoming rut season, two male deer were found drowned in Wolf River near Fremont, Wisconsin, their antlers locking them together in a territorial struggle that left them both dead.

According to FOX 11, Tom Smith saw what he suspected were logs floating in the river, and upon further inspection, discovered an 8-pointer and 10-pointer with interlocked antlers.

“All I seen was two brown spots, because their heads were underwater. And I put the binoculars on them and I said that ain’t no log,” Smith told FOX 11.

Luckily, the water was cold enough to preserve the venison, which Smith says he will process.

But not before a few folks get a chance to view the rare spectacle. “My friend called me and told me to come to Fremont that there was something to see, so that’s what I did, this is something to see,” said Bernie Emmering in the story.

Watch the video from FOX 11:

Local DNR officials said the scenario happens about once every other year, and typically involves water.

Have you ever seen two bucks entangled by their antlers? What did you do about it? Share your story in the comments section.

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Bucks Found Entangled in Wisconsin River