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Buck Fight to the Death Caught On Camera [VIDEO]

This video shows just how aggressive bucks can get during the rut.

The hunter in this video had his camera rolling when he spotted a buck fight in a field in front of him. The buck fight is actually more of a vicious killing. In a battle for dominance and mating rights, the bigger buck pins a smaller buck to the ground and gores him over and over again. The hunter said the entire buck fight lasted 42 minutes, but he was able to condense it down to a few minutes.

"I couldn't believe that he actually gored him that long on the ground," the hunter says in a voice over during the video.

After the buck fight was over, he took a shot at the dominant buck with his bow, but it escaped out of sight. He returned the next day to find it had died along a riverbank. He also found the carcass of the gored buck. It had been ravaged by coyotes overnight. Watch the end of the video at your own discretion.

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Have you witnessed violent buck behavior like this? Let us know in the comments below.

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Buck Fight to the Death Caught On Camera [VIDEO]