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Pennsylvania “Bucket Bear” Freed in Daring Rescue [VIDEO]

A black bear that had a bucket stuck on its head for more than a month was caught and freed on Monday by a group of rescuers.

Prior to the rescue, the unlucky bruin, dubbed the “Bucket Bear,” had been roaming Perry Township in Clarion County Pennsylvania for several weeks with a bucket-shaped airbag stuck on its head.

In August, the bear was sighted around the small town. A group of concerned citizens started the Facebook page “Save the Bucket Bear” to rally the town to help free the bear. The group said they contacted the local game commission but did not receive any help.

So on Monday afternoon, a group of volunteers decided to track it down. They caught the bear in the woods and pinned it to the ground to cut the bucket from it’s head with a hacksaw. Here’s the raw footage of the rescue.

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The bear wandered around town for month a month with a bucket on its head. Image via Elder

The bear ran free as soon as the bucket was cut from its head. One can only imagine how miserable it would be to have a bucket stuck on your head for more than a month.

You may be wondering why the Bucket Bear had a bucket stuck on its head to begin with. It’s as good as anyone’s guess, but we think it might have been an Ice Bucket Challenge gone wrong.

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Pennsylvania “Bucket Bear” Freed in Daring Rescue [VIDEO]