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Buck Won't Stop Fighting, Even After Hunters Intervene

These bucks don't seem to care who is around, they want to finish the fight!

Check out this video posted by born2slay22 and watch as the hunters try their best to free these two bucks.

Whitetail bucks are notorious for getting locked together in the heat of battle. Some, if not most, of the time it winds up being a fatal fight.

These bird hunters (judging by the dogs and shotguns) stumble upon two bucks locked together on a frozen pond, and one of which seems to be trapped under a fallen limb. In this case, the ice makes it even more difficult for these bucks to gain their footing and maneuver around, and one hunter uses a long stick to try and help position the bucks in a way to better separate.

Another hunter uses a bit more forceful tactic as he uses his shotgun to shoot off one side of a buck's rack in hopes of freeing them. At first, even that doesn't seem to work, but after a few moments the bucks are freed. What happens next though, is the unexpected part...

The buck that now only has half a rack is relentless and continues to try and gore the buck that remains down on the ice. The hunters are forced to continue to poke at the bucks and yell trying to distract the deer from fighting (even the dogs get in on the action).

Finally, the bucks seem to have had enough and they part ways.

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Buck Won't Stop Fighting, Even After Hunters Intervene