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Buck Turns Deer Fight into Aerial Wrestling Match [VIDEO]

Video surfaced of a deer fight that shows one buck getting tossed 7 feet into the air.

A sparring match between two bucks got on the nerves of a third, who decided to impose his will and send a message. That message happened to send one of the contestants up into the air, narrowly missing a gouged lung or organ.

Check out the video, and watch closely at the slo-motion replay:

No word as to the exact location of the video, but some investigating on the YouTube user High Tech Redneck told us he likes to share videos of mule deer, in an obviously mountainous region, where elk can be seen as well.

Also, we're not entirely sure the deer was "thrown" as much as it jumped right before ending up on top of the other deers' antlers. Some YouTube comments claim it was a jump, but whatever the case, it made for a pretty great video.

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The deer fight in the video are just another example of our fascination with these creatures. Knowing that a knowledgeable hunter is also a knowledgeable wildlife biologist and observer, we get a little excited every time we see videos capturing the amazing world of the outdoors.


Featured image via screengrab from YouTube: High Tech Redneck

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Buck Turns Deer Fight into Aerial Wrestling Match [VIDEO]