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Buck Takes Out Decoy After Young Boy Takes Out Buck


You have to see this sequence of events. After a young boy smokes a buck, it launches itself into the decoy like a rocket.

Decoy hunting can offer some amazing encounters with whitetails. Seeing a buck close the distance on a decoy and stumble around it with its fur on end and ears pinned back is a rush.

Hunting over a decoy often leads to some easy shots when it works as planned. That was the case for Tim Wells and this young hunter. And the young boy put his arrow right where it needed to be.

But what happens after is what you have to see.

The buck was ready to rumble and, as you can see, the boy stuck him right before he was going to connect with the decoy. The shock of the shot caused the buck to react by lunging towards the decoy.

Like a rocket, the buck demolishes the decoy and bounds off away from their blind. What an encounter!

But at the end of the blood trail, the young man finds his trophy, leaving with footage and a memory that he will never forget.

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Buck Takes Out Decoy After Young Boy Takes Out Buck