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Buck Rescued from Entangled Antlers in a Batting Cage Net [VIDEO]

Michigan public safety officers rescue a buck from high school batting cage net. 

Yesterday in Kalamazoo, Michigan, public safety officers went above and beyond to save an 8-point buck from a tangled mess.

The deer was in a high-stress environment propelling itself in the air while tangled in the batting cage net. Authorties needed to intervene quickly as the deer’s life was in clear threat.

Watch how the public officers were able to safely release the buck.

Responding officers put their training to the test to release the whitetail buck using intuitive skills. An officer was able to use a fire rescue strap to secure the animal’s hind legs, while the other cut the net.

Authorities stated, “deer management is just a non-traditional police service that officers have encountered in the past.”

The buck rescue was successful and it ran off to the timber area uninjured.

This isn’t the first time public safety has have to intervene to rescue a deer and it won’t be the last. These folks handed the situation very well.

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Buck Rescued from Entangled Antlers in a Batting Cage Net [VIDEO]