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Buck Re-Ignites Urban Deer Debate After Killing Dog in Ohio

urban deer
Travis Smola

The hot issue of dealing with agressive urban deer takes a tragic turn in Ohio.

Urban deer are a pretty hot topic these days, as the sight of deer living among people becomes more and more common in different parts of the country.

Often there is argument for and against control or culling of deer in these areas because of negative interactions with people or property damage.

In Toledo Ohio, residents have a new reason to be upset over deer after a 10-point buck killed a woman’s dog.

According to Toledo Blade, Toledo resident Mary Ann Collins let her dog Quincy out into her backyard last Saturday evening where it encountered a buck and doe.

To Collins’ surprise, the buck charged and gored her 110-pound Bouvier des Flanders dog. She told the Toledo Blade her dog took three steps and fell over dead.

“I just stood there staring at the deer,” Collins told the paper. “I couldn’t believe what had happened. I was so mad at what happened to the dog, but I was also worried about my own safety.”

With the rut in full swing in the Midwest, bucks are naturally more aggressive at the moment.

“No one wants to say ‘I told you so,’ but this is a case where deer are completely unpredictable and aggressive,” Ohio Department of Natural Resources deer program administrator Mike Tonkovich told the Toledo Blade. “They’re not Bambi.”

The Blade reports the amount of urban deer present in Toledo is enough that a deer cull is being planned not far from where Collins’ dog was killed.

The plan hasn’t been entirely popular as residents have already expressed concerns about safety and ethical concerns of a hunt within the city limits.

As news of the incident spread, it seems it made other pet owners in the area more wary of the seemingly friendly deer. “I’m a little more wary that it can happen,” Andrea Hughes, a nearby resident to Collins told the paper. “They’re wondering if it was a defensive act or aggressive. I’m trying to be more careful when I let my dogs outside.”

It’s probably safe to say we haven’t heard the last of urban deer problems in the Toledo area.


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Buck Re-Ignites Urban Deer Debate After Killing Dog in Ohio