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Buck Parade is Headed Your Way: Drurys Phase 6 and How to Hunt November 6-10

buck parade

Primetime is here! Find yourself a tree; the buck parade has begun.

It is what we all have waited for all year. Sweet November and the rut. As a deer hunter, it is pretty hard to describe your excitement when that calendar flips over and you see that oh-so-special word November; then, when your buddies start texting you to say they’re seeing bucks on their feet…

With the first five phases of the Drurys’ 13 already broken down for you, phase 6 is now upon us. The buck parade! Once the does head back to bed, bucks get on their feet and frantically expand their home range areas in search of those estrus does.

Go in early and sit all day, because the odds have increased in your favor. The Drurys seem to have this whole deer hunting thing figured out, as we have said in the past, so listen up!

This productive phase is all about the magical hours more than the magical days. Set up on doe beds, because mature deer will be checking those entry and exit trails for a scent line they have interest in.

Check trail cameras frequently, because the window will be small. Use your resources to maximize your chances, because in just a few days the parade will shut off.

The buck parade is coming to you, so don’t miss it! But in all seriousness, it is November; do we really need to tell you to go to the woods?

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Buck Parade is Headed Your Way: Drurys Phase 6 and How to Hunt November 6-10