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Buck Jumped off a Cliff Hoping to Reach Doe [VIDEO]

We all do crazy things for love; this buck jumped off a cliff for a chance with a doe.

This is what happens when a buck jumps off a cliff while searching for a doe.

Filmed by two people walking along the shoreline beneath a cliff, this video shows just who far some bucks will go to get with a doe.

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It's amazing how much of the body was still intact after that buck jumped off a cliff. It would appear as though the doe went over first, and the desperate buck soon followed.

The last thing one would expect to find while walking along the beach is evidence that a buck jumped off a cliff, but as you have seen, it's happened at least once.

Next time you're walking along the cliffs, keep your eyes peeled, and you just might find a nice big buck who truly "feels" in love.

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Buck Jumped off a Cliff Hoping to Reach Doe [VIDEO]