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Buck Fights a Backyard Volleyball Net, the Net Wins

Mission City Record

This buck picked a fight with a volleyball net and lost.

The rut is on in many parts of North America and many deer are starting to do predictably overly-aggressive and stupid things.

And some of these incidents quickly go viral on the internet. Such is the case with this mule deer buck in Kelowana, British Columbia who decided to rub a backyard volleyball net instead of a tree earlier this week. He quickly found out this was a really bad idea, for obvious reasons.

Facebook, Conservation Officer Service

Fortunately for him, British Columbia's Conservation Officer Service came to the rescue. The officers were able to cut the buck free after tranquilizing the animal.

The rut is just starting to kick in and we're already getting crazy deer stories from across the U.S. and Canada. A doe in Indiana caused quite a ruckus a few days ago after crashing through a restaurant during breakfast.

In North Carolina, another doe busted its way through a window that was only 8 inches wide. And in Pennsylvania, a buck leaped off a bridge and crashed through a roof of a municipal garage. Despite a 40-foot fall, it survived!

And just think, the rut is just starting! Keep it here at Wide Open Spaces for all the latest crazy deer stories from across North America!

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Buck Fights a Backyard Volleyball Net, the Net Wins