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Dangerous Deer Collision in Texas is One More Reason to Stay Cautious

Facebook/Plano Firefighters Department

This Plano, Texas driver went uninjured, but he picked up an unexpected passenger.

During mid-November, the rut is on in most parts of the country and the deer are doing stupid things. If you needed extra motivation to be on alert while driving this time of year, look no farther than this collision reported by the Plano Firefighters Association on Highway 121 on Wednesday.

The driver, reported by Fox 4 News as Chris Coleman, was shook up, but uninjured in the collision as the buck went through the passenger side window, just missing him. He didn’t even realize the animal was in the vehicle until after he had pulled over.

“I saw a big hole and I realized that I hit the deer,” Coleman told the station. “I pulled over to the side of the road put the car in park, and as I put it in Park I looked over my shoulder and I saw the deer. It freaked me out.”

Facebook/Plano Firefighters Department


Coleman told the station he’s never seen deer in the area before. Even though it’s described as an extremely busy area, but deer do dumb things this time of year.

Fortunately, Coleman wasn’t hurt and this can serve as a nice reminder to stay alert when driving during the rut.

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Dangerous Deer Collision in Texas is One More Reason to Stay Cautious