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Buck Breaks into Ohio College, Wreaks Hilarious Havoc Everywhere


Hilarity ensues when this buck finds itself trapped in an Ohio college building. 

Footage of a whitetail buck that found its way into a building on an Ohio campus has just been released, and it is glorious! The buck caused absolute chaos before running down a student, breaking off an antler and escaping last month at Mount St. Joseph University.

This will be the funniest thing you see all day. Don't mind the spelling errors in the video, it's not our own!

This is quite possibly the best "deer gets into a building" footage I've ever seen. There's just so many hilarious and memorable moments here. From the buck's repeated attempts to get footing on waxed floors to the group of guys playing pool temporarily leaving the frame, only to come running back in terror moments later.

Student Kenny Mitchell is the guy leading the deer while running away at the end. The deer broke off a piece of its antler in his sweatshirt and Mitchell got a concussion in the process. Fortunately, he seemed no worse for wear when originally interviewed by Fox 19 Now News.

"It's really a blessing that all that happened was the concussion and the few scratches on my back," Mitchell told the station.

We're glad you're ok Kenny, thanks for making the video all the more memorable!

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Buck Breaks into Ohio College, Wreaks Hilarious Havoc Everywhere