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Buck Attacks Decoy, Shattering It to Pieces [VIDEO]

This testosterone-filled young buck is out to prove himself. Watch as the whitetail attacks and shatters a decoy.

It’s no secret that hunting during the rut is one of the most surefire ways to catch deer off guard. While the males are honed in on finding mates, they give much less regard to other stressors. In this instance, though, the buck is out to prove his dominance.

From the clip: “When he saw that decoy, he left that doe in no time and came right to the decoy and… Look at all the parts! It was intense.”

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The buck decides to take out the competition. Fortunately, a team of bowhunters was able to catch all the action on film.

This proves once again that you never know what you will see in the wild.

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Buck Attacks Decoy, Shattering It to Pieces [VIDEO]