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Why is Buck Age Important in Quality Deer Management? [VIDEO]

quality deer management

Age is often discussed when hunters talk about quality deer management, but what does that mean exactly?

“Quality Whitetails” magazine editor Lindsay Thomas Jr., explains age and how you should tailor your expectations this season based on it.

Thomas Jr. uses bucks from two different regions to demonstrate how habitat and regional differences result in major differences between two 3.5-year-old bucks. He states how it is important not to look at what the standards are in other habitats for other states and suggests using a “local measuring stick” to judge what a quality 3.5-year-old deer will be when practicing quality deer management.

This is some interesting stuff. Quality deer management can be something of a hot topic in some hunting circles.

Here in Michigan, there are quite a few detractors. I actually really like the idea of managing expectations to mirror what an area can produce rather than what you may see on the hunting TV shows.

Perhaps by taking the focus off big antlers and shifting it more towards age, more hunters will buy into quality deer management and how it can work better for your local deer herd.

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Why is Buck Age Important in Quality Deer Management? [VIDEO]