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There’s a Bubonic Plague Outbreak in Boulder, Colorado [VIDEO]

A Bubonic Plague outbreak in Colorado has residents 9and small game hunters0 on edge.

Colorado has a bubonic plague problem.

Prairie dogs and other small game animals are at risk, along with pets, for the bubonic plague discovered in area fleas. 9 News in Colorado has more.

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The Boulder County Health Dept. states that while the plague is a naturally occurring disease in Colorado, it can be avoided with simple precautions.

At the moment officials are worried about the spread of the plague through family pets. Pets should be treated with preventative measures using flea and tick sprays and powers to prevent further outbreaks.

Warning signs have been posted through the contaminated areas so you should pay close attention and avoid these areas when possible. Avoid handling any dead animals that you come across and it’s suggest that if you find a dead animal you should contact the local authorities so it can be tested.

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Featured image via Twitter/@Noeltbrennan

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There’s a Bubonic Plague Outbreak in Boulder, Colorado [VIDEO]