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“Bubble Hotels” are a New Way to “Camp Under the Stars” [VIDEO]

Check out the “Bubble Hotels” becoming popular in France, and ask yourself: is this actually camping?

OK, so it may be a bit of a stretch, but if you’re the type who loves the idea of the outdoors, without actually loving them outright, here’s one way you can still find satisfaction.

France’s Attrap’Rêves and their bubble-shaped cabins are built of strong yet see-through material, harboring awesome views without exposure to the elements.



Privacy isn’t a problem, and Attrap’Rêves has spaced the bubble tents far enough apart to avoid issues. The exterior bathrooms that are nearby each structure are a welcome addition.



If you’re brushed up on your French, you may get more from this video than we did, but it was still sweet to watch.

So, what do you think? Is a stay at a “Bubble Hotel” in your future, or would you rather sleep on the hard ground or under a leaky tent roof?


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“Bubble Hotels” are a New Way to “Camp Under the Stars” [VIDEO]