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16-Pound California Largemouth Brute Caught in Lake Chabot [PICS]

Images via Lake Chabot/Facebook

Lake Chabot angler Ian Cornelius caught and released a massive 16.6-pound largemouth bass and here are the pictures.

Angler Ian Cornelius of Castro Valley, California was fishing on Lake Chabot in Alameda County when the big largemouth purportedly struck a swimbait.

This is the second time in the calendar year that Cornelius has struck pay-dirt on a big bass in the small impoundment

1Lake Chabot Largemouth

This 16-pound, 6-ounce behemoth was taken September 14, 2015 on the lake and weighed in just under the lake record of 17 pounds.

1Lake Chabot Largemouth..

Watching the young angler hold up his catch for a side view before releasing it shows the massive girth of the fish.

1Lake Chabot Largemouth (2)

Even after catching a 14-pounder earlier in the year, Cornelius wasn’t finished as the pictures show.

1Lake Chabot Largemouth.

The Lake Chabot Facebook page describes it as the biggest bass taken in the lake in over 10 years.

Since bass aren’t stocked in the lake, and spawn naturally, a healthy bass population there depends greatly on catch-and-release.

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16-Pound California Largemouth Brute Caught in Lake Chabot [PICS]