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Brutal Turkey Fight in Virginia Caught On Trail Camera [VIDEO]

brutal turkey fight in virginia

A lucky hunter in Westmoreland County caught this video of a brutal turkey fight in Virginia on his trail camera. Watch out for those spurs!

Watch as this mature tom turkey was busy tending to his hens when he was interrupted by another tom who decided he wanted to challenge him for his flock of hens. This lucky hunter managed to have his trail camera set up at the right place to catch the whole thing on video.

I don't blame him for being upset at the interruption and he responds just like you would expect.

Now that's just rude! Though the video ends before the fight is over, it appears as though the first turkey managed to stand his ground and fight off the challenger.

I don't know about you, but I would have loved to have seen that fight while looking down the sights of my shotgun...

Have you ever caught an awesome video of a turkey fight like this one on your trail camera before?

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Brutal Turkey Fight in Virginia Caught On Trail Camera [VIDEO]