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This Brutal Tiger Fight Will Give You Chills [VIDEO]

This is probably the most intense tiger fight you will ever see.

These male tigers are locked together in each other’s death grip and neither will give up.

Check out this video posted by Animal Attack and make sure your sound is turned up because listening to this fight is just as impressive as watching.

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Clearly exhausted when the camera starts rolling, these tigers are relentlessly tearing each other apart for the prize tigress watching nearby. Listening to this fight was almost as hair raising as watching, as these beasts portray the viciousness and brutality of the wild.

Neither tiger seems to have any intention of quitting, and it seems as though death is the only appropriate ending. Unfortunately, the video ends without us knowing who ends up the victor.

Who do you think had the upper hand?  Share your opinion with us in the comments.

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This Brutal Tiger Fight Will Give You Chills [VIDEO]