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Brutal Footage Shows Wolves Eating a Deer Alive

Brutal Footage Of Wolves Eating a Deer Alive

This crazy footage taken by a Canadian oil field worker shows two wolves eating a deer alive.

Once again, we have a video that shows how brutal nature really can be. A couple of wolves chased this deer through the snow until is was too exhausted to run any further. After they caught it, they turned it into dinner. Though the camera guy missed the first part of the life or death struggle between the animals, his footage does depict the unpleasant reality of two wolves eating a deer alive.

Watch the video to see nature raw and unfiltered.

WARNING: This footage is pretty graphic.

Life is tough, especially if you are a prey animal like a deer. However, those wolves have got to eat too and starvation isn’t pretty either. Like I say: real life in nature is nothing like how it is portrayed in Disney movies.

It’s really too bad though, that looked like a pretty nice buck.

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Brutal Footage Shows Wolves Eating a Deer Alive