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Browning BAR Sings the Song of Our People: BRRRRT

The Browning BAR is a piece of historic excellence. A John Browning design that instills fear in the opponents down range.

Originally designed and was ready for WWI, the BAR didn’t see much action until WWII and the Korean War. The BAR delivered a 30-06 round ultra fast round down range. If you were unlucky to be standing in front of that BAR as its singing then you got walloped with a 30-06 at almost 3000 foot pounds of energy.

Like with all good things the BAR eventually came out of service towards the end of the 1970’s. Lighter materials and the newer SAW weapons were being phased in. The BAR was never belt fed and that could have been one of the limiting factors for this machine gun. I couldn’t imagine the lighting quick mag dumps that would happen with only 20 rounds.

The BAR was ultimately in service for almost 60 years. Glad to see it brought out again to remember what real old world machine guns were like. The sound on auto fire is as classic as the design and you can see the large impacts on the targets as the 30-06 rounds meet their destination.

I also love to highlight that just because these firearms are no longer in service, that it doesn’t mean they are not useable, in fact many can still be used as a viable fighting option. Like librarians collect books from old world eras, the older weaponry still serves a purpose and can still be used as originally intended. Finding parts to fix them as they break will be increasingly difficult but you can still see their value as they fired very big cartridges. Stay safe and keep training.



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Browning BAR Sings the Song of Our People: BRRRRT