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Build Your Own AR-15 with Brownells ‘Back in Black’ Event

The AR-15 is hugely popular, why not build and customize your own?

6 - lower receiver

If you’re looking for a way to catch the AR-15 bug, which has infested plenty of American gun owners’ collections already, you’ve got to check out what Brownells has for you. It should go without saying, but you’ll need to act fast!

Brownells’ “Back in Black Rifle Event” features six weeks of special, discount pricing on AR-15 upper receiver kits to help you build your own version of America’s favorite firearm. Save up to 70% on AR lowers, too! Now is the time to buy! All prices return to market value on December 1, 2014. *Note, all kits ship unassembled.

During the second week, the Unfair Advantage (10/27-11/2) kicks off, adding even more appeal. Get “MOE” and gain an Unfair Advantage with nearly unfair pricing on a high-speed upper from Magpul. Be swift–this deal expires November 2. *Note, all kit ships unassembled.

Find out more about the great deals from Brownells by viewing the slideshow.

1. Lightweight MAGPUL-SL Upper Kit Black

This Lightweight Magpul-SL Upper Kit starts things off with an ideal set up. Includes a 5.56 Daniel Defense 16” Hammer Forged, chrome lined, Lighweight Barrel with a 1-7 twist with a Double Star railed gas block, MOE-SL handguards, a Bushmaster Upper Receiver & Bolt Carrier Group, and an A2 flash hider, crush washer, delta ring assembly, gas tube, forward assist, ejection port cover, barrel nut and .625” handguard cap.

2. Magpul – AR15/M16 PMAG + Maglink Kits

These durable Magpul – AR15/M16 PMAG + Maglink Kits provide lightning-quick reload capabilities and are available in MOE, M3, and M3 Maglevel. Count on zero rattling or movement, thanks to polymer links that hold everything secure.

3. AR-15 Magpul Lower Parts Kit

Going with the AR-15 Magpul Lower Parts Kit is a great way to knock out many of the necessary components of your custom AR in one package. You’ll get Magpul MOE stocks and pistol grips in your choice of black or flat dark earth, ALG Defense Combat Triggers, all the necessary lower parts from DPMS and a Brownells buffer tube assembly.

4. Magpul – AR15/M16 MOE Carbine Furniture Set + PMAG

Add a bit more to your custom AR with an AR15/M16 MOE Carbine Furniture Set + PMAG. It includes a MOE Buttstock, MOE Carbine Handguard, MOE Grip, and the MOE Vertical Grip (MVG).

5. Bushmaster Firearms Int. LLC – AR15 BOLT CARRIER GROUP

A Bushmaster Firearms AR15 Bolt Carrier Group is just the thing for creating a finished and high class gun. It’s chrome lined and has a staked gas key attached. The complete assembly includes the bolt assembly, firing pin, firing pin retaining pin, cam pin and a complete carrier.

6. Bushmaster Firearms INT. LLC. – AR-15 STRIPPED LOWER RECEIVER

Add a Bushmaster Firearms stripped lower receiver to serve as the foundation for your self-created AR. It’s extremely strong and rigid without unwanted bulkiness.

7. Bushmaster Firearms INT. LLC. – AR-15/M16 V-Match Upper Receiver

Try an AR-15/M16 V-Match Upper Receiver made of durable alloy and perfect for competitions or tactical applications.

8. Rainer Arms – AR15/M16/AR style 308 Raptor Charging Handle

From Rainer Arms comes this AR15/M16/AR style 308 Raptor Charging Handle; it provides some extremely fluid and fast operations.

9. Magpul – Shotgun SGA Stock Set

A Shotgun SGA Stock Set from Magpul is an adaptable stock for Remington 870 and Mossberg 500/590/590A1 12 gauge shotguns. It gives the user lots of adaptability and options.

10. Magpul – AR-15/M16 MBUS Gen 2 Sight System

The AR-15/M16 MBUS Gen 2 Sight System from Magpul will put you on target no matter what. Streamlined contours and a spring-loaded ambidextrous release mechanism make it a perfect finishing touch.


Your AR will really begin taking shape if you go with the DPMS AR-15 Lower Receiver Parts Kit will help you save by buying pieces all together, as opposed to one by one. You can choose to purchase one with or without a trigger group.


What good is a customizable AR without an AR-15/M16 Critical Tools Kit? Brownells hooks you up with all the implements necessary to to build, repair, or modify a custom AR-15/M16 rifle

13. Aimpoint – Patrol Rifle Optic

Forget messing around with switches or levers with a Patrol Rifle Optic Sight from Aimpoint. It has six daylight and four nighttime visions brightness settings. And get this—the included battery will last for three years!

14. Brownells – Wolf 500 Round .223 Rem Ammo Can

A Wolf 500 Round .223 Rem Ammo Can is the way to go if you’re ready to save by buying in bulk. Ammo and a can? You’ll be set, trust us.

15. Brownells AR15 Buttstock Cleaning Kit

A gun worth owning is a gun worth keeping in good shape. Maintain its life with a Brownells AR15 Buttstock Cleaning Kit.

16 Brownells Rifle Ready Bag

The final piece of the AR puzzle is a Brownells Rifle Ready Bag. Because you shouldn’t just toss the thing in your backseat or trunk.

Liked that slideshow? Check out this one.

Stock Up on Emergency Supplies from Brownells

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Build Your Own AR-15 with Brownells ‘Back in Black’ Event