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Check Out Brownells Black Rifle Friday Event

Check out the crazy deals in the Brownells Black Rifle Friday event.


Now that the holiday shopping season is fully underway, you're going to want to check out what Brownells has to offer for their Black Rifle Friday Event.

Accessories, parts, tools, and customizable gun pieces are all heavily discounted.

And if you need more info on creating your own AR-15, check out the Video Section and learn how to build an AR-15.

View the slideshow to learn all about Brownells Black Rifle Friday Event.

1. Black Rifle Friday Event

Don't miss the Black Rifle Friday Event at Brownells, featuring some of the most ridiculous discounts on quality shooting gear you will find anywhere.

Shop all the great sales at Brownells and you'll quickly learn how valuable their discounts can be.

3. AR-15 Upper & BCG Kit

This AR-15 Upper & BCG Kit will get you on your way to creating a custom, self-built gun.

4. AR-15 Bushmaster stripped lower receiver

An AR-15 Bushmaster stripped lower receiver provides premium quality and has a really, really good discount for Black Friday.

5. AR-15 Bushmaster Stripped upper receiver

Grab an AR-15 Bushmaster Stripped upper receiver to promise yourself even more customization options.

6. AR-15 Bushmaster Complete bolt carrier

The deal on the AR-15 Bushmaster Complete bolt carrier is mind blowing. These prices won't be seen again for a long time.

7. Rifle parts sale

The rifle parts sale at Brownells might just be the greatest shooting Black Friday discounts this year.

8. Handgun parts & Accessories Sale

If you're looking for specific pieces, the handgun parts & Accessories Sale going on at Brownells should deliver.

9. Glock Handgun Magazine Sale

You can never have enough magazines, right? Take advantage of the Glock Handgun Magazine Sale.

10. 1911 Threaded Barrel w/ Two 8 round Mags

More handgun accessories are discounted during Brownells Black Friday Event, including this 1911 Threaded Barrel w/ Two 8 round Mags.

11. 30 Round AR-15 with Spring Magazine

You're certain you'd use a 30 Round AR-15 with Spring Magazine, so why not get one at a great price?

12. AR-15/M16 Critical Tool Kit

If you're scoring all kinds of gun parts, an AR-15/M16 Critical Tool Kit is essential for when you're cleaning, customizing or tweaking in general.

13. Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit

This Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit will point you towards the kind of money saving rewards reloading can provide.

14. Federal XM855 420-Rd Ammo Cans

Keep all that excess ammo in a Federal XM855 420-Rd Ammo Can, and don't worry about its price; you'll be able to grab multiple if you want.

15. Railmaster W/CRKT Tool

With this Railmaster W/CRKT Tool, you'll see an increase in accuracy almost instantly. You also get a free multi-tool with purchase.

16. Game Cameras

These deals on various Game Cameras will finally convince you that you're ready for heavy duty scouting.

17. Goal Zero Guide 10

Bring solar power with you by using the Goal Zero Guide 10. You'll be surprised how much use you'll get out of it.

18. Brownells Gift Cards

If you can't figure out how to decipher all these great deals, grab some Brownells Gift Cards for your shooting enthusiast loved ones, and they'll be grateful.

Enjoy that slideshow? Check this one out.

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Check Out Brownells Black Rifle Friday Event