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9 Must-Have Hunting Arrows from Brownells

When choosing hunting arrows, it always helps to have a guide.

1 - ICS hunter arrows

That’s why we asked Brownells to provide a list of their top-selling and most popular arrows for bowhunters, and boy did they deliver.

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In this slideshow you’ll find nine arrows that will be perfect for just about any type of hunting you do, whether it’s blind hunting for turkeys, stalking deer, or shooting from a treestand at bull elk.

View the slideshow to see the options, and let us know what kind of arrows you shoot in the comments below.

1. Easton ICS Hunter 300 Arrows w/2” Blazers

What is it about the Easton ICS Hunter 300 arrows that make them so great?

These 32-inch arrows come in a 12-pack, and feature ViBrake CB inserts and Direct fit S nocks. Their black, ultra smooth finish promise a slick look and high performance. Ultimately it’s the Blazer vanes that stand out, with their bright colors that won’t get lost in the underbrush.

2. Easton ICS Hunter 340 Arrows w/2” Blazers

The 340 sized version of the ICS Hunter adds a little more heft, and maintains all the same features.

3. Easton ICS Hunter 400 Arrows w/2” Blazers

If you still need a little extra oomph, the ICS Hunter 400 takes things up one more notch.

4. Easton ICS Hunter 500 Arrows w/2” Blazers

Finally, if bigger game is your target, then look to the ICS Hunter 500 for the largest size and the biggest chance of making hits count.

5. Easton ICS BowHunter 340 Arrows w/2” XPV

Carbon has been used by arrow makers for years, and there’s no wonder why. Easton puts the material to work with all of their arrows, creating a lightweight and sturdy piece of equipment that will last.

The Direct-fit Super Nocks, ViBrake CB inserts, and brightly colored XPV vanes on the ICS BowHunter 340 arrow are just what the turkey or deer bowhunter needs. The 32-inch arrows come in groups of 12.

6. Easton ICS BowHunter 400 Arrows w/2” XPV

Take it to the next level with the ICS BowHunter 400 arrow, ideal for a variety of mid-sized game. Trust us, the buck will never know what hit him.

7. Easton ICS BowHunter 500 Arrows w/2” XPV

The largest size of the ICS BowHunter is the 500, which will add that extra amount of kinetic energy that will take down large game, as long as the hit is on target.

8. Muddy Bloodsport Impact Flare Arrows

A slightly shorter arrow option is the Muddy Bloodsport Impact Flare, which comes in at 28 inches. Muddy Outdoors sizes their arrows a little differently, and these are set as size 5575. The replaceable flare light and battery can be attached and detached easily, with no glue or tools needed.

9. Muddy Bloodsport Impact Hunter Arrows 5575

The coolest part about the Muddy Bloodsport Impact Hunter arrows is the patent pending Blood Ring, featuring revolutionary blood- and particle-grabbing material that tells you more about your shot than any other design. It’s bright white and textured to provide a canvas for which the blood and particles can attach to, letting the hunter know where the arrow made impact.

Bright red, red with air bubbles, dark red or green/brown blood can say a lot about the hit, but you wouldn’t have nearly as good of a picture without the Blood Ring.

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