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Brown Trout Helps Angler Dislodge Snag [VIDEO]

brown trout

One brown trout decided to help a fly fisherman out by helping dislodge a snagged lure.

We have all been there before. We try to land that lure or fly in the perfect spot that we just know has to have a fish. Unfortunately, that spot is tiny and happens to be amongst random branches and reeds.

While sometimes we make the perfect cast and avoid the snag, other times it seems like the lure was magnetically attracted to the branch or reed.

That is what happened to the fly fisherman in this video. However, instead of having to work on dislodging the snag himself, he got a little help from an unexpected source.

Snag or no snag, the angler’s fly just looked too appetizing to one hungry brown trout. The trout emerges from the water to attack the fly and dislodges it in the process.

This video is a clip from the film “Blood Knot” by TwoFisted Heart Productions on Vimeo.

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Brown Trout Helps Angler Dislodge Snag [VIDEO]